Y. Mark Xu talks with CGTN (China Global TV Network)
10/26/2018 Uncategorized admin

Mark Xu, Founder, Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President of Xynomic talks with CGTN “The Point with Liu Xin” and provides insight regarding the current trend of the price of cancer drugs in China.

“The Point with Liu Xin” is an opinion program on CGTN (China Global Television Network) that explores news stories making headlines in China and across the globe.

https://news.cgtn.com/event/live_channel/share.html?url=https://envod.cgtn.com/cctv-news/201810122130.m3u8&channelId=1&epgId=194288&startTime=1539351000000&endTime=1539352800000&name=The%20Point%20with%20Liu%20Xinwechat-image_20181027000701 wechat-image_20181027000714 wechat-image_20181027000821 wechat-image_20181027000825