Maria Rojas



Maria Rojas

Director of Clinical Operations, EU

Ms. Maria Rojas has over 20 years’ experience in Clinical Operations, in Biopharma, Pharma and CRO industries across multiple therapeutic indications, having worked in Oncology for the last 10 years. This included a wide spectrum of clinical roles with increasing responsibilities along with an excellent clinical understanding as she started her career as a nurse in a large Hospital in Spain. Maria Rojas is based in Barcelona, Spain.

Most recently, Maria was President of Clinical Operations EU at SFJ Pharmaceuticals Inc., opening the SFJ EU offices, building a Team, leading, managing and supporting all SFJ clinical activities in the European Region as well as promoting key relationships with different stakeholders and KOLs, institutions and Regulatory Authorities. She provided tactical and strategic advice to executive leadership. She was also a member of the Management Team.

Before joining SFJ Pharmaceuticals Ms. Rojas was with ImClone (now fully acquired by Eli Lilly) where she served as a Global Director of their Clinical Operations Team with leading responsibilities for a critical global Phase III registration study with a VEGFR monoclonal antibody (Ramucirumab) in HCC. Prior to joining ImClone, Ms. Rojas worked in the Clinical Operations area for several additional Pharma companies including Ferrer International, Novartis and Almirall as well as a CRA/Clinical Trial Manager with two CROs, Omnicare and Parexel.

In addition to holding a Nursing Degree from Barcelona University, she also holds a Post-Graduate Course in Pharmaceutical Marketing from Universitat Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona).