Abexinostat Significantly Reversed Treatment Resistance in GSK’s Pazopanib- and other VEGF inhibitor-refractory Tumors in a 51-Patients Ph 1b Trail Led by Professor Munster at UCSF
03/17/2017 Uncategorized admin
  • Sponsored by NCI and UCSF
  • 51 patients (72% had received two or more lines of therapy in the locally advanced or metastatic setting), Phase 1b, open-label, dose-escalation/expansion trial of Abexinostat in combination with GSK’s pazopanib
  • Abexinostat well tolerated in combination with pazopanib
  • First ever clinical trial to test the hypothesis that epigenetic modification with HDAC inhibition may provide the means to recapture response and reverse resistance to pazopanib in RCC and other solid tumors


 ORRClinical Benefit Rate (PR + SD>6 months)
Tumor Regression Rate
Median Duration of Response
n = 43 21%
37%9.1 months
Prior progression on one or more VEGF-targeting therapies (n = 28)
RCC subset (n = 22): received an average of 2.5 lines of prior therapy and 1.6 lines of prior VEGF targeting treatment, including 10 patients (45%) with prior progression on pazopanib monotherapy
27%10.5 months
Patients who had disease progression on VEGF agents and were evaluable (n = 28)
Patients who had disease progression on pazopanib and were evaluable (n = 10)

Rahul Aggarwa et al., Journal of Clinical Oncology, Feb 21, 2017