Y. Mark Xu


Mark Xu

Chairman, CEO & President


Mr. Y. Mark Xu is the Co-founder, Chairman, CEO and President of Xynomic Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Mr. Xu is a successful Silicon Valley-China serial entrepreneur. During 2005-2009 Mr. Xu co-founded Bridge Labs and Pacific Biopharma Group, which merged with Pharmacyclics in 2009. Mr. Xu, through these 2 ventures, generated ~RMB 2.5 billion for co-founders and investors. During 2009-2016 Mr. Xu served as the Greater China General Manager of Trout Group, the largest investment bank and advisory firm in the US focusing exclusively on serving small-to-mid sized life sciences companies. Before 2005 Mr. Xu held progressive positions in the US at leading MNCs including Schering, McKesson (world’s largest pharmaceutical distribution company), Stanford Research Institute International, BAS, and UL. Mr. Xu holds a MBA from Stanford University, a MS in Chemistry from Purdue University and a BA in Chemistry (Magna Cum Laude) from Hanover College.